Time Speaker Topic
7:00 PM Welcoming Reception Hors d'oeuvres with Cash Bar
8:00 PM Andrew Lasswell Musical Comedy
8:30 PM Gab Bonesso Comedian
9:00 PM End of Day


Time Speaker Topic
9:00 AM Introduction & Welcome
9:15 AM John Loftus The Outsider Test for Faith
9:45 AM Sarah Haider Islam and Misogyny: How Religion Affects Cultural Progress
10:15 AM Jerry Coyne Incompatibility between Science and Religion
10:45 AM 15 min Break
11:00 AM Dan Fincke Empowerment Ethics
11:30 AM Chris Johnson The Joy and Meaning in the Lives of Atheists
12:00 PM Amanda Brown Coming Out as an Atheist: It Gets Better
12:30 PM 1 hour Lunch
1:30 PM Jamila Bey Reflections on the Secular Movement
2:00 PM Annie Laurie Gaylor The Battle between Church and State
2:30 PM Fred Edwords United Coalition of Reason
3:00 PM Luis Granados "Damned Good Company: Twenty Rebels Who Bucked The God Experts"
3:30 PM 15 min Break
3:45 PM Faisal Saeed Al Mutar Letters from a Young Mesopotamian from Baghdad to Washington, DC
4:15 PM Dave Lampe & David Templeton Teaching Creationism in PA schools
4:45 PM Lauri Lebo & Ed Brayton Dogma After Dover: Defending Science Education in Post-Kitzmiller America
5:15 PM Mano Singham How Scientific Logic Leads Us To Conclude The Non-Existence Of God
5:45 PM Dinner Break
7:30 PM Alexander Vornoff Mentalist
8:00 PM Karaoke with Cash Bar
11:00 PM End of Day 2


Time Speaker Topic
9:00 AM Mark & Shanon Nebo The Secular Toolbox
9:30 AM Jon Pushinsky Aftermath of Hobby Lobby and other ACLU cases
10:00 AM Andy Norman Turning the Tables on Theistic Pretense: How a Little Conceptual Jiu-Jitsu Will Help Us Win the Culture War
10:30 AM Jerry DeWitt An Atheist Sermon
11:00 AM 1 hour Brunch With music by Andy Hoke
12:00 PM James Morrow Why Darwin's Theory Really Is Bad News for Theism.
12:30 PM Vyckie Garrison The Patriarch's Wife (No Longer Quivering)
1:00 PM George Hrab Atheist/Skeptic Rock/Funk/Jazz
1:30 PM Monette Richards How to be a Nobody and Still Get Sh*t Done
2:00 PM Rich Hess & Allison Reed Raising a Family in a Secular Humanist Environment
2:30 PM 15 min Break
2:45 PM Fred Edwords (2 hours) Media Workshop
4:45 PM Conference End