Tentative 2015 Conference Schedule – Subject to change.


Time Speaker Topic
– 9:00pm
Registration Friday Registration Hours
7:00pm Bill and Suzi Robbins; Guests Barroom Atheists Podcast • Hors d'oeuvres with Cash Bar
8:00pm Maribeth Mooney Comedian
9:00pm Chris Johnson Movie: "A Better Life"


Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM
– 5:20 PM
Registration Saturday Registration Hours
9:00 AM Introduction & Welcome
9:10 AM Sarah Levin Flexing Our Secular Political Muscle
9:55 AM Ben Blanchard I had Malaria, and So Can You
10:35 AM Break
10:45 AM Muhammad Syed Rationalism & the Muslim World
11:30 AM Richard Carrier Christianity without Jesus: An Alternative Theory of How It All Began
12:10 PM Lunch Break
1:35 PM Seth Andrews Sacred Cows: A Lighthearted Look at Belief and Tradition Around the World
2:20 PM Teresa MacBain Lessons from the Hunger Games on Life after Faith
3:00 PM Break
3:10 PM Aron Ra The Imposition
3:55 PM Mandisa Thomas Black Nonbelievers: Past, Present and Future
4:35 PM Break
4:45 PM Matt Dillahunty Step 2: A Miracle Occurs
5:25 PM Sarah Morehead – Keynote Saving Starfish
6:05 PM Dinner Break
7:40 PM Lee Moore Building our Godless Culture
8:30 PM Victor Harris Spoken Word Poetry
9:10 PM Break
9:30 PM Shelley Segal Musician
11:00 PM Mark Nebo & Aron Ra Ra-Men Podcast


Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM
– 10:00 AM
Registration Sunday Registration Hours
9:00 AM Introduction
9:05 AM David Fitzgerald Sexy Violence! Violent Sex! The Weird-Ass Morality of the Bible
9:55 AM Beth Presswood Understanding Believers
10:35 AM Break
10:45 AM George Hrab Musician
11:25 AM Lunch Break
1:05 PM Amanda Metskas Camp Quest's Youth Development Philosophy
1:50 PM Kevin Davis Fighting Back with Reason
2:30 PM Closing
2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM Atheists Fight Hunger! Meal Packing Service Project