We can’t make our conference succeed without volunteers. We have a lot of open positions we need help for, and the more volunteers we get, the less time we need them for. Positions like:

  • Badge Stuffing – Help insert printed badges and tickets into the badge holders
  • Conference Set Up – Help with setting up the conference area
  • Registration Desk – Check people in and distributing registration materials
  • Speaker Assistant – Help make sure the next presenter is available on time for their presentation, and that their needs are met.
  • Stage Hand – Help move items on the stage between presentations and assist the emcee
  • A/V Assistant – Help to make sure there are no problems with stage A/V
  • Badge/Ticket Checker – Take tickets and check badges
  • Conference Tear Down – Help clean and pack up after the conference

If you can help with any of these jobs, please fill out the form below.

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Please include the type of work that you can do, and how much time you might be able to spend helping us out.