2017 Conference Schedule – Subject to change.


Time Speaker Topic
– 9:00pm
Registration Friday Registration Hours
– 11:00pm
Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center Anti-Superstition Party!


Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM
– 5:30 PM
Registration Saturday Registration Hours
9:00 AM Introduction & Welcome
9:10 AM Alix Jules Diversifying your Humanism: Being a Better Ally
9:55 AM Amanda Scott Being Openly Atheist in the Bible Belt: How and Why it's Important Everywhere
10:35 AM Break
10:45 AM David Silverman What Now? Atheist Activism in the Age of Trump
11:30 AM Gayle Jordan Recovering from What?
12:10 PM Lunch Break
1:35 PM Hemant Mehta What Atheists can Learn from Christians (Seriously)
2:20 PM Debbie Goddard The Science of Change: Evidence-Based Methods for Effective Activism
3:00 PM Break
3:10 PM Tracie Harris Religious Self Destruction: Indoctrination and Identity
3:55 PM Abbie Hafer Everything you Know About Sex is Wrong – Part 1: The Gender Binary
4:35 PM Break
4:45 PM Callie Wright My Vagina: A Love Story
5:25 PM Lawrence Krauss From the Sun, to the Universe: Your Hidden Connections to the Cosmos
6:05 PM Dinner Break
7:40 PM Roy Zimmerman Roy Zimmerman: ReZist
8:30 PM Leighann Lord An Evening of Stand-Up Comedy with Leighann Lord
9:30 PM Heather Henderson & Emery Emery Ardent Atheist Podcast


Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM
– 10:00 AM
Registration Sunday Registration Hours
9:00 AM Introduction
9:05 AM Madison Kimrey Youth Empowerment and Activism
9:55 AM Yvette d'Entremont SciBabe's Fake News Survival Guide
10:35 AM Break
10:45 AM Panel Discussion Andrew Newberg, Margaret Downey, and Lauri Lebo present a panel on Near Death Experiences from a scientific perspective.
11:25 AM Lunch Break
1:05 PM Marie Schaub A Monumental Victory
2:15 PM Atheists Fight Hunger! Meal Packing Service Project